Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lippo Centre, Hong Kong

The Lippo Centre is a pair of twin office towers in Hong Kong, previously known as the Bond Center . The buildings are located at 89 Queensway, in on Hong Kong Island. They were taken over by the Lippo Group after the collapse of the Bond Corporation. The height of the taller tower is 186m.

The buildings, completed in 1987, were dubbed "The Koala Tree" because they resemble koalas clutching a tree. The buildings were designed by American architect Paul Rudolph, who strove to relieve the traditional severity of skyscraper walls by designing clusters of obtruding windows.

Hong Kong artist Gerard D'Henderson, who designed the walls in the Hong Kong , enriched the lobby with dramatic bas-relief murals.

Lippo Centre is featured in the Golden City track in Burnout 3.

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